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Trust law Trust Xindesheng


Trust law Trust Xindesheng


Company law

The company set up and management structure
※ The establishment of various types of companies and their legal protection
※ Internal governance structure design of joint stock limited company, limited liability company and partnership enterprise

Company's operations and legal consulting
※ Decerning and solving various internal and external legal problems involved in the daily operations of the company
※ Annual comprehensive legal consulting and support services
※ Special legal affairs consulting
Equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions, credit and debt restructuring
※ Equity trading scheme design and legal protection
※ Company merger and acquisition transactions and legal protection
※ Legal due diligence
Labor relations, trade secret protection
※ Equity incentive program design and labor relations consulting
※ Labor contracts, employee manual and optimization of industrial relations

※ Company trade secrets, competition resctriction protection

※ Labor relations and trade secrets dispute resolution

Insolvency reorganization, reconciliation and liquidation
※ As the insolvency administrator presiding over the insolvency procedure 
※ As an agent of the debtor initiating and participating in the insolvency procedure
※ As an agent of the creditor initiating and participating in the insolvency procedure

※ Design and implementation of insolvency reorganization, reconciliation and liquidation program

All kinds of litigation and arbitration involved with company law

inance/ Investment

Bank loans
※ Commercial loans
※ Project financing, including real estate projects, energy projects, infrastructure projects, etc.
※ Real estate financing, including commercial buildings, residential properties, hotels, and other integrated property
※ Commodity finance, letters of credit, guarantees business, factoring business
※ Financial claims protection, debt restructuring,non-performing assets disposal
※ Compliance review of banking operations
※ Insurance agency acquisitions
※ establishing, restructuring of insurance agency and the issuance of securities
※ Regulatory compliance and insurance product localization
※ Insurance funds and insurance derivatives
※ Fund Trust
※ Property Trust
※ Fiduciary management, investment trust funds
※ Corporate finance, project finance trust
※ Trust on behalf of custody
※ Trust loans and deposits
※ Securities investment trust
※ Real Estate Investment Trust
Fund Investment
※ Securities Investment Fund
※ Industry Investment Fund
※ Limited partnership fund
※ Other forms of funds
Equity financing
※ Private equity investment and financing
※ Equity incentive plan design
※ Family corporate equity distribution program design
All types of Litigation and arbitration involved with finance / investment disputes 

Real Estate / Construction

Early stage(legal services of land and equity level)
※ Project development, planning
※ Land development / agricultural land expropriation and compensation
※ Three old (old towns, old villages and old factories) transformation
※ Land use right transfer and mortgage through public bidding, auction and listing
※ Relocation and compensation and resettlement
※ Transfer of project development land
※ Project company equity transfer
Medium stage (legal services of the operation and construction of project)
※ Legal risk control of the development process (authorized exploration, design, construction, supervision, etc.)
※ Project bidding
※ Legal affairs of project construction
※ Construction quality and inspection and acceptance
※ Construction Insurance
※ Industrial injury and security incident handling
※ Project settlement, claims
Late stage (legal services of real estate sales and property management level)
※ Co-developing Real Estate
※ Pre-sale, sale
※ Pre-sales and sales of real estate, second-hand house transfer involved with mortgage transactions
※ Acquisition and transfer of collective land contract and management rights
※ Comfirmation of Land ownership and use right

※ Land Lease

litigation and arbitration involved with real estate / construction 

Intellectual property

※ Application for registration of new trademarks, including trademarks on commodity, service, collective entity and certification 
※ Renewal of existing trademark
※ Changes of name and address of trademark holder
※ Transfering trademarks, franchising
※ Trademark license contract registration
※ Challenge to preliminary approval of the trademark 
※ Challenge to registered trademark 

※ Revocation request to improper registered trademark

※ Reexamination Application to a trademark 

※ Drafting and implementing legal risk prevention measures
※ Request for review of patent applications
※ Maintenance and transfer of patent rights, franchising
※ Declaring Patent invalid
※ Overall copyright protection scheme
※ Various types of copyright registration 
※ Drafting, revising and reviewing the relevant copyright transfer, licensing and other legal documents
※ legal services including due diligence about copyright commercial transaction
※ market researching and evidence collecting of copyright infringement
※ administrative and judicial remedies of copyright infringement 
Protection of trade secret
※ Contractual protection
※ Leak protection
investigations and Relief of intellectual property infringement 
※ Arbitration and civil action of trademark, patent, copyright, domain name, trade secret, product packaging, unfair competition and infringement of trade names and reputation
※ Administrative proceedings against TRAB regarding the adjudication of challenge, reexamination and revocation of the improper registration of trademark
※ Administrative proceedings against the TRAB regarding the adjudication of declaration of invalidation of patent
※ Enforcement of effective legal documents

Civil / Criminal Defense

※ Premarital, marital property/debts agreement, notarization of related matters
※ Divorce: the division of property, drafting a divorce agreement and negotiation
※ Divorce proceedings: including initiating the suit, investigating and collecting evidence, drafting the mediation plan, application for enforcement
※ Dispute of custody, right of visiting , payment of child support and alimony
※ Other matters related to marriage
※ Drafting wills or agreements for legacy in return for support
※ Heritage scoping research
※ Heritage disputes
※ Foreign inheritance
※ Other matters related to inheritance 
Family property
※ Division of joint property
※ Confirmation of right 
Rights protection
※ Traffic accident
※ Medical malpractice
※ Right of name
※ Portraiture right
※ Defamation / or honor
※ Privacy

Criminal Defense