Introduction to Our Firm 
Xindesheng was established in 1996.Since then,
we have been focusing on providing valuable legal services to different organizations and individuals.

As an outstanding law firm,
we are in pursuit of the balance between professional sense and human passion.  
Our good industry reputation was gradually built through scrupulously sticking to professional ethics and conscience. 

Through Long-term accumulation of legal practice, 
we have comparative advantages in providing litigation and non-litigation legal services in the civil and commercial field.
especially the expertise in real estate, corporate, finance, intellectual property, trade, distribution and other areas.
                  We have also offered a lot of high quality legal services regarding the public policy and administrative law matters,                       energy and public transportation, public utilities, criminal defense, marriage and family affairs and other areas.

We believe that being professional, diligent and precise is the soul of legal services.
Only such a law firm is able to bring real benefits to the clients.

Our lawyers come from different parts of the country,
graduating from various domestic or foreign universities with different majors,
They are keen, intelligent, diligent and persevering with a wealth of experience within their respective legal and professional areas. 
Currently our staff amounts to over 130 people.

In the past two decades since it was established, 
our firm was frequently granted awards by the industry and had a clean record of punishment,
which evidently demonstrates our excellent professional quality and ethical standards.